Rolls are rewinded on two longitudinal cutting machines GOEBEL and SOMA.

Paper rewinder SOMA VENUS II

Rewinder SOMA VENUS II is two-shaft winding machine and works with width up to 1600 mm, treated material from 45 g/m2 to 450 g/m2 and the diameter of the reel from 150 to 800 mm and maximum weight 400 kg per reel. Rewinder has fully automatic tension control, paper-path monitoring and automatic adjustment of the cutting knifes.

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Paper rewinder GOEBEL

On GOEBEL cutter we can rewind a variety of paper max. width 1020 mm and basis weight from
18 g/m2 up to 450-gram cardboard,to reels from
50 mm up to 830 mm
or even customized by paper length in meters, on cores 50, 70 and 75 mm, or even without voids. Also we can rewind and cut the foil or paper coated with different materials (PE, Al).

Cutter is equipped with tension control paper from WICKELTECHNIK IBD GmbH for fixed winding reels in its entirety diameter of the reels.

» Technical parameters